Window Shopping,,, Parisian Style

Ahh!,,,Paris,,, The most magical city in the world

   The window shopping here is off the charts.

 The Parisian have a style that is all their own.

You see it as you stroll the streets and gaze into the awe inspiring shops.

I’m going to be quiet now

 and let you gaze into the windows of a few gorgeous shops.

Look very carefully into the pictures.

The reflections tell a story 







Tell me….What did you see?



The Real Housewives of___fill in the blank saga continues??

   I live in Southern California  and have been a fan of the Bravo show the Real Housewives of Orange County from the very first season. 

  I was thrilled when more and more Real Housewives Cities Joined in the Fun,  Drama, and Craziness that seemed to unfold on the shows.

At first I viewed the shows the way that any good anthropologist would. 

   By examining and analyzing the way that different cultures

  grow, develop and interact with each other.

  Then reporting on what you have learned.

A few Good qualities that a anthropologist should  possess are…

1.  Is to be inquisitive about life and society. 

 2. Have the patience to watch how humans behave.

 3.  And to be non-judgemental.

No problem!

  I can do all of those things,

 but the being non-judgemental kind of takes all the fun out of it.

   I mean really…

 Who among us doesn’t like to critique?

But now with the suicide of Russell Armstrong, (Beverly Hills Housewives)  the whole world seems to be critiquing the Bravo Franchise Future.


I came across a poll today.

Is the Real Housewives show to blame for Russells suicide?

 52% say yes 48% say no

Do the producers have a moral responsibility to the cast?

  71% say yes..24% say no

Should Bravo cancel the show?

  48% say yes…52% say no

Does reality t.v. ruin relationships?

  85% yes…12% say no

Would you go on the Real housewives for $50,000?

  33% say yes..67% say no

Would you go on the show for a million dollars?

  69% say yes…31% say no

The past few months I have heard stories of how Teresa Giudice (New Jersey Housewives) and her husband Joe only made a combined income of $79,000 a year when the show first started.  And then filled for bankruptcy for 11 Million dollars a few years later…

How does this happen?


There are never ending stories on the internet about Bankruptcy, Divorce,  Foreclosure, and Death involving the Real Housevives shows. 

 Questions of

Is there a curse on anyone who dares be in the public spotlight by being on a reality T.V. Show.

I don’t know about a curse, but there sure seems to be a plague of Bankruptcy and Divorce with the Real Housewives…



Sonja Morgan ….. New York 

Alexis Bellino…..  Orange County


Teresa Guidice…  New Jersey

    Lisa Wu Hartwell …. Atlanta

Michaele Salahi ….. Washington D.C.


Lynn Cartin …. Orange County



Vicki Gunvalson…Orange County


Countess Luann de Lessep….New York


Tamra Barney…Orange Country 

Camille Grammer….Beverly Hills


Sheree Whitfield…Atlanta


Nene Leakes…Atlanta


Lisa Wu Hartwell…Atlanta


Jeanna Keough…Orange County


Cat Ommanney…Washington D.C.


 And Honorable mention for being the next to  divorce?


Alexis Bellino…Orange County

Ramona Singer…New York

Teresa Giudice…New Jersey

Lynn Cartin…Orange County

Michaele Salahi…DC


What at first appeared to be a entertaining little show

 (that I admit I’m addicted to)

 about the lives of the rich and famous

 has turned into a bitch fest

 of people doing nothing more than trying to out do each other

by either suddenly becoming

 writers of tell all books

  singers recording really terrible music

designers hocking crappy clothes, jewelry, accessories

 wine or other alcoholic drinks

 they have put their name on. 

  WE watch them  spending all the money they have

 or don’t have on a lifestyle

 that is suppose to make us envious? 


I guess this formula works pretty well.   Just look at the top two  reality T.V. shows…

 Jersey shore

  A group of 20 somethings  that have been thrown together.  We watch them doing nothing more than hooking up…. drinking and looking for trouble.

Keeping up with the Kardashian’s

A dysfuntional family that loves to

 fight.. whine .. shop

and  frequent expensive restaurants and clubs 

while  one upping each other to hog the spotlight.


I don’t know about you…but I’m getting really sick of reality T.V.

   I’m tired of them trying to convince me I should lust for a life like this.  

Is this all just a Evil plan by the T.V Gods?

What do you think?

I’m sorry if I have upset anyone with this post

But think about it…

 is it really reality T.V when it’s scripted?

And Is watching a train wreck….Entertainment?

The Rednecks That Live Next Store

OMG!  I have new neighbors…… I think they are going to turn out to be the neighbors from Hell… 


Remember the movie    A Christmas Story?    And the neighbors… The Bumpasse’s with all their hounds running around making noise and getting into everything…My new neighbors are just like the Bumpass’es….only replace the hounds with kids…

The  Bumpasse’s moved into the neighbor hood the beginning of the summer, while I was vacationing in Europe…I was depressed as it was having to end such a great time…but then to come home and discover what has moved in next store…well….all I could do was..let out a big sigh!

  My daughter and her husbands bedroom is on the side of the house that faces the Bumpasse’s house.   My bedroom  (thank god) is on the other side of the house so I haven’t had to listen to them all night long while trying to sleep…

So…let me tell you a few of things that the Bumpasse’s have been up too.

The first weekend they move in I come home to find the Bumpass daughters on my front lawn selling lemonade…while at first I thought it was kinda cute,  it brought back memories of my kids selling kool-aid in the front yard…one big difference though…my kids didn’t scream at the top of their lungs….LEMON-ADE!!!     wait…scream… is putting it nicely….shrieking at the top of their lungs is more like it….like the sound of fingernails scratching on a chalkboard shrieking…. the youngest Bumpass daughter was running around on my front lawn…Shreiking   LEMONADE !  they yelled LEMONADE  at every person walking by…or any car driving by…. 

 And let me till you….Bumpass Fest went on for hours….

Then finally it was quiet once again..I went out to check my front yard…. they had packed up most of the lemonade stand….but they left their chairs in my front yard…I thought that was kind of odd till I took a look at their front yard…..It was full of furniture…couches…chairs…tables and tons of boxes…so my guess … they didn’t even miss what they had left behind.

Their yard still looked like that the next day…and they still hadn’t picked up what they left in my front yard…so the chairs were tossed  into the pile of stuff on their front yard..

My daughter has told me stories about how the Wife/Mother screams all night long at the husband…she even wakes up the kids at 2 in the morning screaming and telling them what a horrible father they have…the funny thing is…you never hear a word from the Husband/Father.??

This family never talks to each other…they scream every word!

Last night the daughters were digging in my trash…and pulled out a bunch of card board boxes that I had neatly put in piles to be re -cycled…the mother yelled at them to put them back…they did…but now the boxes were all over the street…I had to once again go stack the boxes in neat piles..

 Now… I know what you must be thinking….why is she being so annal about a few boxes….it wasn’t just a few boxes…it was about 20 boxes of all sizes…some of them big enough to put a washing machine or wide screen t.v in…so I was a little pissed off when I had to clean up the boxes….So….not only are they noisy neighbors they are trash pickers too!

So whats your guess…The neighbors from hell?… noisy Rednecks?..White Trash?….I think I will just refer to them as the Bumpasse’s….it seems to be a perfect descript

I believe in seeing the bright side of everything….so the good news is….I will have more to blog about?

P.S.  all is quiet on the Bumpass front today…..the Bumpasse’s have a boat. and I don’t see it in the driveway today…so that means they are wreaking havoc on a lake somewhere and terrorizing someone else today!        *Evil laugh*  tee hehe


My Empty Nest

Sunday August 14th was the official first day of my

 empty nest.

I just had a thought….

I have never lived alone!

  How will I take it?

  Will I be afraid?

  Will I love it?

  Will I hate it?

  My daughter and her husband moved out on Saturday while I was spending Friday and Saturday with my boyfriend.    The boyfriend lives an hour and a half away from me,   It’s an hour and a half  if  traffic is moving …. if not it can take as long as 3 1/2 hours…. but hey… that’s life in Southern California!

So this is what I find when I returned home.

Nothing but a bunch of trash bags full of stuff to donate.

A few tears well up in my eyes and hit the floor as I start to ponder the quiet that has now fallen upon my once noise filled house.

I dried my tears…took a deep breath…and turned the page…begining a new chapter in my life.

I can’t help but wonder if the quiet will drive me crazy and force me to….

Or, will I be so bored it will cause me to eat junk all day.

I hope not….

Or will I work out too much, till I look like this?

Ditto… on the…. I hope not!

I think for now I will stay pretty busy with re-decorating my nest!

I have painting to do today…let the make over begin!





Grand Ma Ma is psychic

 It’s official!

My beautiful daughter is having a daughter, or as she announced to the world.

 “We are having a Pretty Pretty Princess”

I have been telling her for months now that she was going to have a girl.

   But she didn’t believe me.  

 Remember my ……..  Do it ducky style story?


 I kept buying pink flowers to prove my point.


I told my daughter that her baby wanted to be called Olivia. 

   My daughter has informed me that her baby will be named   Vivian.

Vivian at 20 weeks

Adorable already!


A week before my daughter found out for sure she was having a girl, I was shopping and  saw this cute pink  outfit…… Vivian said to me….Grand Ma Ma buy this for me….so I did….she already knows how to get her way! 


 And Grand Ma Ma, couldn’t be happier!!







I have a Brain Itch…

I have a problem with sleeping at night, and I have had this problem for quite a while now.  The problem is…I can’t sleep because songs get stuck in my brain.

One of the terms for this condition is called  Brain Itch…the other name is…Earworms…YUCK!

The good news is 90% of us have had this happen to us at one time or another.  At first I thought it was nice to wake up singing a song every morning,  but over the years it has become a roadblock to being able to get a good nights sleep.

And in my never ending desire to be as as healthy as possible I did some investigation into the earworm/brain itch problem.  This what I found out.

Mainly Women have this problem……(Great I can’t do anything about that!)  

   Next comes musicians…duh!…( that makes sense.)

  Then comes people who are stressed….or tired…yep that’s me…or neurotic…

(OMG! do I need to worry about this too!)

Researchers aren’t sure why this happens.  But they think it has something to do with our auditory cortex.

  For some reason a song gets stuck in our brains that causes a cognitive itch or a brain itch.  The brain has a need to fill in the gaps in a song’s rhythm.  In other words…the brain kept singing the song long after the song had ended.

Then our brains like to scratch the itch by repeating the song over and over again until it is stuck in a unending cycle.  The old….. the more you scratch the more you itch problem.

Some researchers think that songs are like thoughts that we are trying to suppress.  The harder we try not to think about them, the more we think about it.

Others think that it just the brains way to keep it’s self busy when in idle mode. 

Now that I understand the problem….. how do you get rid of it?

The bad news is, there is no simple way of getting rid of the problem…..

 ( Great!… not what I wanted to hear.) 

   Once a song gets stuck in your head it might be there for a few hours or a few days…(I personally have an Adele song that has been running almost non stop for about a week now)…

Thanks Adele, you can stop now...

There are a few things you can try to stop the insanity.

1.   Sing another song.      ( I need to do this, because I’m really getting tired of what is playing in my brain right now!)

2.  Switch to something that keeps you busy like working out.  ( But I need to listen to music when I work out, how is that going to help?)

3  Make sure you listen to a song all the way through.  ( this drove Mozart crazy, people would tease him by playing a song half way and then stopping.  Mozart would come running into the room and finish the song)

4.  Turn off the music.  (easier said, then done)

5.  Share the song with a someone.  ( And then laugh like hell.. to yourself when you hear them  humming the tune.)

6.  Imagine the earworm crawling out of your head and then stomping on it! 

I’m sure there are many more cures than this.  I would like to know if anyone out there has a found something that works for them for their brain itch/ earworm problem.

But for now I will leave you with a few songs that have driven  me crazy…. I think number one  for most people is

…..It’s a small world after all…it’s a small world after all….it’s a small world after all…it’s a small..small…world…..

Beware, they look cute, but they are evil!

Number two that drives me crazy is….Stop…Stop…Stop all the music…give me time to breath….Stop… Stop… Stop all the music or I’ll have to leave……Maybe this is the name I should have  entitled this post…it does say it all….



Top Chef Challenge,,,,with Chef Fabio and Lisa Vanderpump

This past Sunday I went to a Top Chef Invasion in Hancock Park, CA.  It was to benefit the glaad Organization.

  Being a Top Chef fan I knew I had to be there!  Especially since Fabio Viviani was going to be there, and when I found out that Lisa Vanderpump was going to be hosting the event, I knew I couldn’t miss it!

  I’m big a follower of Fabio because his restaurant Cafe Firenza is located in Moorpark, the town where I have lived for the past 25 years.   I’ve been to the restaurant many times, and took a cooking class at Cafe Firenza before Fabio became a celebrity Chef, known for his appearances on Top Chef.

*The adorable couple*  Lisa and Ken 

 The always charming, beautiful and witty Lisa,  is my favorite Real Housewive. 

Love You Lisa! 

The Event was held at a private home in Hancock Park.

A food station  from  Border Grill with  chef  Susan Feniger

   Susan was the first celebrity Chef I followed.  Love you Susan!


Some beautiful Macaron’s

I couldn’t resist the raspberry ones..Yummy! 


Time for the Top Chef Challenge with Chef Antonia Lofaso and Chef Fabio Viviani.

 With the help of these Ingredients,  both chef’s cooked with a time limit of 10 minutes to come up with something delicious

And The winner of the Top Chef Challenge   *Golden Whisk*

 Goes to Chef Antonia (smiley) Lofaso.

I call her smiley because the girl is always smiling

   Congratulation Antonia!


 And the award for best shoes goes to ……. Lisa! 

  This girl knows how to rock a pair Louboutin’s!

And Honorable Mention goes to…this guy!

For his amazing boots.

P.S. Thank you Bravo



Totally Ridiculous!

Ready for a Rant?,,,well,,,, Ready or not here it comes….

My daughter goes to the mail box the other day to pick up our mail…and it is so full of mail that she couldn’t even open up the mailbox. 

I have a small mailbox, the kind that we have been forced to use  because the post office is so lazy they only want to stop once on every street to deliver the mail.


  What happened to the good ole days when a mailman would bring your mail to your door?

I have talked to the post office numerous times, asking them for help with stopping the delivery of junk mail…they always say the same thing…..


There is nothing we can do about it….if we don’t deliver the mail we will get fired

So in order to save my sanity and save the earth at the same time, I started calling any phone number I could find on all the junk mail, or as the people who are doing the mailing out of the junk like to call it  (advertising)

I was greeted with different responses, some were very pleasant about it.

 (no problem or i’m sorry you no longer wish to receive our mailers)

Some were down right rude.

 (there is nothing I can do about, go to our website, or leave a message at the beep).

Some phone messages down right begged you to reconsider your request to no longer receive  their mailings.

  (a 2 minute  message about how their mailings are recyclable and how they are a earth friendly company.  now are you sure you want to cancel?)

  What a bunch of bull.

They don’t want to lose customers because they base their fees to advertisers on how many subscribers they have.

  Who cares that their junk mail can be recycled! 

How about we save more trees by not printing junk mail that everyone throws away!

I called on every piece of junk mail I had, and let me tell you that took quite a few hours to do!

Hopefully I can keep my sanity while it takes the 8 to 10 weeks for it to take effect!

 I can’t help but wonder what the true problem is. 

  1.  The fact that my mailbox is too small
  2. There is too much junk mail in the world
  3. The post office is lazy
  4. All of the above 


I’m thinking about starting a campaign to do something about the junk mail problem. 

I’ll keep you posted.

Thank you for listening to my Rant..

Happy 3rd Anniversary,,,,, do it duckie style

July 2oth was the 3rd anniversary of my beautiful daughter April and her wonderful husband Chad.   I decided to make a cake for them to celebrate the day.  I knew what flavor I would make,   ( Lemon)   but I wasn’t sure how I would decorate it.

At first I thought I would do a lemon theme,  but then then I realized that idea might make them start thinking that I thought their marriage was a Lemon, which it’s not!    So I tossed out that idea.      My next thought was to go to Michaels  and check out the cake decorating department,  which I did,  but nothing inspired me.     I started wandering the store when  I spotted the wedding area.   Hum…….everything was the usual   * Yawn*  type of stuff,   till I spotted some cute rubber ducks that were dressed like a bride and groom!

 PERFECT!!       Then I spotted some cute Martha Steward Daisy’s to help cover up my lousy icing job.   I thought the cake needed a little something more so I went back to the wedding section.  It was then I noticed the baby section was right next to the wedding area. 

 Duh!       babies come after weddings right!   

    At least that is the order you hope for! 

 Then what do my wondering eyes spot?     Cute little baby duckies!  OMG!      this is so perfect, my daughter is almost 5 months pregnant  but we don’t know what the sex of the baby is yet.

  I’m hoping it’s a girl, and I keep telling my daughter it’s a girl……. 

So I buy one container of girl duckies     and one container of boys.

I thought how perfect,   this cake will tell a story.  I started crying at the thought of how wonderful of a day it was and how thankful and happy I was to have my first grand baby coming in a few months.   I’m such a cry baby!

But I couldn’t decide on how to incorporate the baby duckies on the cake.

It's a girl!


It's a boy!

So…I left the cake without any baby duckies on it.    Because…..

  I had an idea to hold a baby boy ducky in one hand and a baby girl duck in the other hand and hold my hands  behind my back and let my daughter choose which hand!    Guess what hand she chose?

THE GIRL DUCKIE! …….  Just More proof that it’s going to be a girl!

 P.S   The cake was delicious!   White cake, with Trader Joe’s lemon curd as filling, and homemade butter cream icing….Super yum!

The End

Robert Redford…..where are you?

I’ve spend the past week vacationing in Deer Valley, Utah.

I decided to take a trip to Sundance to see if  I could find Robert Redford.


I heard that Bob was sighted at Steward falls, so i've hit the hiking path

I can see steward falls in the distance

I have to cross roaring rapids to get to Steward falls...but so worth it

Made it to Steward falls, but I just missed Bob

Back down the mountain I go

no time to frolick in this beautiful meadow

It's a sign from above, Bob is just a few feet in front of me's eeyores favorite flower...a thistle

cute little blue bells


More amazing wildflowers

Bob is getting away...I must get back on the path

ohh...this is so beautiful..

Bob? Bob who? This is so amazing..i don't want to rush


Bob....slow down...wait for me!!

Darn...Bob got away

I spent an amazing day at Sundance trying to find the elusive Bob Redford.  I can highly recommend spending a few hours or a few days at Sundance.

My cousin posted this picture on facebook when he heard about my adventure at Sundance.

I thought I would die laughing when I saw it.




Love you Bob!

If you would like to know more about Sundance