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I just finished watching the movie Julie & Julia, I wanted to see it at the theater when it came out but I never made it,  you know how that goes, one thing after another keeps you busy and then poof…you have to rent the movie or buy it.  In my case I was strolling around target last night when I spotted it on the shelve,  bought it and watched it this morning.    

   The movie was everything I was hoping for, and more.   I grew up watching Julia Child cooking on T.V. in the 70’s. She was such a kooky in your face person you couldn’t help but to adore her.  Because of my  love of  anything French my eyes were transfixed and stuck like glue to any scene where there was even a glimpse of  anything French. ( I’m such a francophile it’s almost bordering pathetic.)  I never did read the book that the movie was based on, but having read some of the reviews most people enjoyed the movie more than the book anyway.  But I did go out today and buy Julia Child’s book “My life in France” and I’m looking forward to reading that tonight. 

Because of the movie I’m once again going to attempt cooking more French food, especially some of the yummy food shown in the movie.  The first thing I’m going to attempt is the chocolate almond cake, every one rants and raves how wonderful it is, and since I love anything chocolate this could be a match made in cooking heaven.

I love movies that inspire you to either read the book it was based  upon. Inspire you to try something new, or re-inspire you to go back to a passion you had before.   This movie did that for me, plus I dare you to watch this movie and not have a smile on your face!  🙂  I rate this one ♥♥♥  Loved it!

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  1. I read the book and it gave you a lot more information on Julia’s life. I really would have liked to see more of her personal experiences in the film and less of the young girl doing her marathon cooking of Julia’s recipes. Julia grew up in Pasadena with rather uptight parents…… .Do read the book you will love it. A foodie friend!

  2. I LOVED this film… I found myself wanting MORE JULIA tho. This was inspirational for me personally because at the time I saw the film I was just finishing culinary school and could totally relate to BOTH women… especially since I was attending Le Cordon Bleu. It also was impressive to me having the inside scoop on the dishes made in Hollywood for the film… two of my instructors were the “food designers” who made the food used in the film; what they taught us it true… Hollywood whether in the culinary industry or the film industry “Its a BIG town but a SMALL world at the same time” .. and that’s the part I LOVE!!

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