The Moral of the story

When I was a child I was often left in the car while my mother went inside a store to do some shopping.  I know now a days this practice is frowned upon (thank goodness) but back in the day (the 60’s) most parents did this.  Sometimes my brother and sister would be in the car too.  We all hated being left in the car,  we never knew before we entered the car, that soon we would be stuck in the car with nothing to do.  So we never had the chance to plan ahead and bring a book, or something to keep us busy.  Today’s kids are lucky to have gameboys and iPods, we couldn’t even listen to the radio because it would drain the battery, all we had, was each other.   We had nothing to do but complain about how hot, thirsty and bored we were.  We sat there having nothing to do, but look pathetic.  I felt like one of those sad forgotten dogs who was left in the car all alone, panting from the heat and in need of a drink of water.  

I had pretty much forgotten those days of my youth, till the other day when I was parking my car,  I noticed the car next to me, had  an older women in the front passenger seat and and older man in the back seat.  They both had that look on their face that I recognized in a instant, that bored and thirsty look.  I couldn’t help but wonder if they were the parents of a child that was left in a car so many years ago, and now with retribution this was their fate.  Soon I found out.

A women close to my age got into the car, and then I heard that familiar whine from years ago.  What took you so long?  I’m hungry, I’m thirsty, I want to go home!

So the moral of the story is?  Things have a way of turning around in your life.  Be careful of how you treat your children, because someday they will be the ones taking care of you.


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  1. Pamela Enkeboll says…. I remember the time we were all in the car early in the morning going somewhere (Janice fill me in here) and Mom and Dad wanted coffee so they pulled over to some coffee shop/truck stop..we were sleeping so why not leave them in the car my …Mom thinks..ha the parking brake was not on?parked on a hill? whatever it was we started rolling backwards toward a busy street I remember my Brother probably 7 at the time opened the driverside door hopped out and tried to stop the car..thank God someone was walking out at the time and pulled the parking other things can also happen when leaving people in a car.

  2. Travis Boehm………. These days there are alot of kids that wouldn’t even bother trying to take care of their parents when the table turns. Utah just made it illegal to leave kids under 8(?) in a car. pretty sad when we allow the Gov. to take control of YOUR life. what ever happen to allowing nature take it’s course?

  3. Bill Klaus…… PERFECTLY PUT…LOL

  4. How true!
    I remember melting in the car while Mother was in chatting away with a store keeper, etc. Now you get arrested or cited if you leave your poor dog in the car too long.
    She has now passed away, but I don’t remember treating her in such a careless way.

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