Robert Redford…..where are you?

I’ve spend the past week vacationing in Deer Valley, Utah.

I decided to take a trip to Sundance to see if  I could find Robert Redford.


I heard that Bob was sighted at Steward falls, so i've hit the hiking path

I can see steward falls in the distance

I have to cross roaring rapids to get to Steward falls...but so worth it

Made it to Steward falls, but I just missed Bob

Back down the mountain I go

no time to frolick in this beautiful meadow

It's a sign from above, Bob is just a few feet in front of me's eeyores favorite flower...a thistle

cute little blue bells


More amazing wildflowers

Bob is getting away...I must get back on the path

ohh...this is so beautiful..

Bob? Bob who? This is so amazing..i don't want to rush


Bob....slow down...wait for me!!

Darn...Bob got away

I spent an amazing day at Sundance trying to find the elusive Bob Redford.  I can highly recommend spending a few hours or a few days at Sundance.

My cousin posted this picture on facebook when he heard about my adventure at Sundance.

I thought I would die laughing when I saw it.




Love you Bob!

If you would like to know more about Sundance 

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  1. Very cute and clever post! I’m heading to Utah next week for a few days.

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