Happy 3rd Anniversary,,,,, do it duckie style

July 2oth was the 3rd anniversary of my beautiful daughter April and her wonderful husband Chad.   I decided to make a cake for them to celebrate the day.  I knew what flavor I would make,   ( Lemon)   but I wasn’t sure how I would decorate it.

At first I thought I would do a lemon theme,  but then then I realized that idea might make them start thinking that I thought their marriage was a Lemon, which it’s not!    So I tossed out that idea.      My next thought was to go to Michaels  and check out the cake decorating department,  which I did,  but nothing inspired me.     I started wandering the store when  I spotted the wedding area.   Hum…….everything was the usual   * Yawn*  type of stuff,   till I spotted some cute rubber ducks that were dressed like a bride and groom!

 PERFECT!!       Then I spotted some cute Martha Steward Daisy’s to help cover up my lousy icing job.   I thought the cake needed a little something more so I went back to the wedding section.  It was then I noticed the baby section was right next to the wedding area. 

 Duh!       babies come after weddings right!   

    At least that is the order you hope for! 

 Then what do my wondering eyes spot?     Cute little baby duckies!  OMG!      this is so perfect, my daughter is almost 5 months pregnant  but we don’t know what the sex of the baby is yet.

  I’m hoping it’s a girl, and I keep telling my daughter it’s a girl……. 

So I buy one container of girl duckies     and one container of boys.

I thought how perfect,   this cake will tell a story.  I started crying at the thought of how wonderful of a day it was and how thankful and happy I was to have my first grand baby coming in a few months.   I’m such a cry baby!

But I couldn’t decide on how to incorporate the baby duckies on the cake.

It's a girl!


It's a boy!

So…I left the cake without any baby duckies on it.    Because…..

  I had an idea to hold a baby boy ducky in one hand and a baby girl duck in the other hand and hold my hands  behind my back and let my daughter choose which hand!    Guess what hand she chose?

THE GIRL DUCKIE! …….  Just More proof that it’s going to be a girl!

 P.S   The cake was delicious!   White cake, with Trader Joe’s lemon curd as filling, and homemade butter cream icing….Super yum!

The End

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  1. What a beautiful cake. And what a thoughtful thing to do for your daughter.

    Good luck on the girl baby!


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