Makes me think about Captain Ron

It was a beautiful day to go sailing!

We set sail out of Channel island Harbor.

I want to learn how to Paddle Board…

How Cute is this couple with their paddle boarding doggie!

  I love the sun faded color of this house. 

 You would never guess that this beach is in Southern California.

 It reminds me a litle of the East Coast .

 Out at sea.

Sailing is a lot of work!


So, I’m just going to sit here and look cute…


Hey!…..If it’s good enough for Captain Dan, it’s good enough for me!

When you sail during the week,  you own the Ocean!

Our two Hour cruise is coming to an end..

Back towards the harbor we go..

There’s a show off in every crowd..

Back at the dock….and so glad that I didn’t get sea sick!

What is it about birds…that makes me think about Alfred Hitchcock?




Mr. Hitchcock
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  1. Sailing can be fun long as you don’t crash into the rocks! I’ll never forget when Dad did that to us..we still talk about that to this day.

  2. I am totally with you on birds and hitchcock…that movie scarred me!

    It looks like a spectacular day for sailing!

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