Window Shopping,,, Parisian Style

Ahh!,,,Paris,,, The most magical city in the world

   The window shopping here is off the charts.

 The Parisian have a style that is all their own.

You see it as you stroll the streets and gaze into the awe inspiring shops.

I’m going to be quiet now

 and let you gaze into the windows of a few gorgeous shops.

Look very carefully into the pictures.

The reflections tell a story 







Tell me….What did you see?



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  1. How absolutely beautiful is your blog! Stopping by from SITS. I love to window shop. Alas, that was part of a very different life. Thanks for the little taste.

  2. Wow….Love it! Now that’s My kind of shopping!!!

  3. ::whimper:: I want.

    I’ll be totally honest and say I was too busy drooling over what was IN the windows to look at the reflection. However the pretty buildings in the reflection just add to the whimper factor.

    • Stephanie, at first I was annoyed when I saw how much reflection there was in the photos…but in taking a closer look into the reflections it brought an element of I said…Paris is a magical city!

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