The Birth of Vivian Rose

The much anticipated,  much dreamed about,  much talked about…has finally happened.

The Birth of Vivian Rose, my first Grandchild!


This is Vivian one hour old, she weighed  7lbs and is 19 1/2 long.  She is Grand ma ma’s perfect little princess!

A few months ago I posted a story and ultrasound picture of her. I thought she was already adorable at only a few weeks old.   Grand ma ma went a little crazy buying things as soon as she knew for sure her first grand child was going to be a girl.

I bought a chandelier for Vivian’s bedroom…Grandma ma doesn’t even have a chandelier in her bedroom…at least not yet!


I’m so proud of my daughter April, she had a 100% natural birth just like I did, NO meds of any kind.  I was shocked to know that things have changed so much in the past 20 years or so.  Back in my day we did everything we could not to take any drugs of any kind, now everyone tries to talk you into taking medications for the pain, it’s even hard to find a doctor that still believe’s in a natural birth.  April’s doctor still believe’s in natural births but said he has delivered only 4 babies natural (that is without drugs) in the past year.

 April’s birth plan is very rare indeed!


This picture was taken 6 hours before April went into Labor.

24 hours later……

What we lovingly called the  “baby dance”.

 When April had a contraction she would lean into her husband Chad and sway from side to side till the pain was gone.

   Vivian was born, Sunday December 4th at 8:28 pm

 after approximately 24 hours of labor.

This is what a baby born without drugs looks like.

 Wide awake, and taking in her new world!

I hope anyone reading this who is pregnant, or knows anyone who is pregnant, Please consider giving birth without drugs.  Don’t let your doctor or nurses try to talk you out of it, women have been giving birth for thousands of years without drugs.  Yes, giving birth is painful, but it can be done without drugs!


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  1. I’m here from SITS. What a beauty! Congrats on your first grand daughter!! I just had my first baby (a girl) in February. My how time flies! I can’t even imagine her having a baby!!

  2. Congrats on the little one. You are right, I recently switched to a Birth center to do a natural birth b/c most dr’s around here don’t do or advocate for a natural birth in hospitals. Many doctors are ruled by hospital guidelines and procedures that its very hard to advocate for oneself. The funny thing is, my mom and mother in law both had interventions as have most of my peers, so when I say we are not doing any interventions at all, i get this look of shock (except from my mom). I trust my body and the birth process and am hopeful that we won’t need any interventions. Should we need them, i’m also grateful that hospitals have so much technology and medicine to offer, to help any issues that may arise.

    Again congrats, your granddaughter is gorgeous!


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