National Nutrition Month

Toes are being amputated, tubes for breathing, tubes for eating, medications for medications…
Working in a hospital is a reminder of all the reasons to be thankful for health!
Now that we are in National Nutrition Month,  I want to encourage my friends and family to take care of themselves.
 Don’t let a preventable illness be the cause of a hospitalization…there are enough accidents and viruses out there to dodge in this life.  I’m afraid the real message of nutrition has gotten lost.
 Before I became a dietitian,  I thought nutrition was about the individual nutrients…”How do I get more Vitamin C?”  or  “Am I eating the right kind of fat?”
 Vitamins and minerals work together in harmony.  They have the power to heal and repair and they come best from natural packages…plants.
 This month, I encourage you to walk away from the
 frozen meal that leaves you starving and wanting to binge eat later.
 Put down the protein bar that promises you muscle but probably leaves your body with inflammation.
 Instead, pick up your pots and pans and cook from scratch.
 Add vegetables.
  Add spices.
  Add fat (gasp)!
 Snack on fruit.
 Try a new grain.
 Drink  w a t e r.
 Savor the flavors of real food and finish it off with a walk outdoors.
 I love yous guys.
 Don’t let your insides fall apart ♥

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