Things have a way of turning out for the Best!!

I’ve been working on my house once again.   Yet,..another episode of this old house!

Houses are so needy!  They take up lots of your time and most of your money.   I have owned this house for over 25 years now, and over the years almost every thing has been replaced or re-modeled.

Last year I discovered that the sprinklers in the front yard had caused some major damage to the windows in the living room.  Water from the sprinklers had been hitting the windows for who knows for how long.

This caused not only the windows to mold, but also my wood floor in the living room  *sigh*


So…2 months ago I decided to order some new windows for the living room.   I received such a great deal on them I decided to replace all the windows in the front of the house.  I was told it would take about 2 weeks for the windows to come in.

The windows were on their way,  so my son in law  decided he would  install them on December 3.  But as fate would have it… on December the 2nd a powerful wind storm hit the Los Angeles area….causing the delivery truck to blow over,  and all of my windows were  broken in the accident!   *darn*

But all was not lost for December the 3rd… we decided to have a pregnancy photo shoot for my daughter who was due to have her first baby daughter in 2 weeks.

Instead of installing windows…  my Son in law had a day of rest.  Here he is catching a few well deserved winks between photos.


And it was a good thing Chad didn’t have to work that day…. because my daughter, April went into labor a few hours after the photo shoot was over.

So, that was an wonderful example of… “things turning out for the best”.  Chad would have been exhausted after a full day of installing windows, and then helping his wife go through labor.

Now….Back to my window story.

So we had to wait for my windows to be made once again.  A few days before my windows arrived I was looking at all the houses in my neighborhood that had installed new windows.

Seems everyone had replaced their windows with windows that didn’t have grids in them, and the windows I ordered had grids. *darn*

I wondered if I should have ordered my windows without grids?  Yes….. I think I should have… I liked the way the windows looked without the grids!

Now what I’m I to do?…. it’s too late to cancel them !  *sigh*

So, a few days later I receive a phone call informing me that my windows are in, but they wanted to know if I ordered my windows with grids or without grid.???  Seems my windows came in without grids….OMG!

Once again…”things have a way of turning out for the best”!

I love my new windows…the view is so much better, and being insulated makes a big difference in how much warmer the house stays, and less outside noise to hear…so…take that you noisy bumpasse’s…..tee hee hee!



Let There Be Christmas Lights

Ohh,,,Christmas lights

Ohh,,, Christmas lights!







I Hope You’re all keeping warm and toasty!




My House has Gone Winter Wonderland

I love this time of the year,

   I’ve been into Christmas decorating mode for a few days now.


Some close up’s of the ornaments.



Is anyone as crazy about snowflakes as I’am?

I hang them from the ceiling..

Or, anything that doesn’t move.

I not only deck the halls

but the bathroom too!

Can’t forget the hearth..


Or the front porch…

I Wish You…



My latest Obsessions

I’m currently obsessed with quite a few  things.


 I’m having a lot of fun making Cake Pops!

  I find myself singing a little song while I make them.

It goes a little like this.

Bake  er  ella

 you’re as lovely as your name


All hail the mighty Bakerella,

 I just love this book!

Here are a few of the cake pops I’ve made.

For my first attempt, I made these for my daughters baby shower.

I made these for Halloween.

I plan on making these for Thanksgiving.

If you haven’t tried making cake pops yet,

  I can highly recommend it.

 They’re the hit of every party, and ever so yummy!


Soon the Holidays will be here

and Being the nut job that I’am

 I have a new Christmas decorating theme.

I think it would best be described as Winter Wonderland.

I live in Southern California

So the closest I get to icicle’s, snowflakes and snowballs are the kind you buy at the store.







































 Crystal Snowflakes


  Feather Poofs.


 Glamorous snowballs




How cute is this peacock?

Yes, there really are white peacocks, I saw some while traveling in Australia.









I’ve been going gaga for Mercury Glass, if you want some I suggest you act fast, before I buy  it all!