Janice,,,In the stye,,, with Diamonds

The other day my right eye started bothering me.   My first thought for my eye pain was because some of the Brazilian blow out solution got into my eye when I was at the hair salon getting my hair de-frizzed.  I rubbed my eye while I was at the salon and mascara was all over my face, so in doing this I might have given myself a stye?  What ever!

The point of this story is an old family cure for styes.

My mother taught me to rub a stye with a sanitized diamond.  Has anyone else ever heard of this treatment or tried it?

I went to my eye doctor to see what the official doctor treatment would be and he said hot compresses 3 to 6 times a day.  This  sounded a little too busy to me, so I opted for the diamond treatment.

  Diamonds are a girls best friend right?

  So out came my one of my diamonds, from my vast selection of Jewels (just kidding).  I cleaned it first and then rubbed the stye for a few seconds.  I did the diamond treatment twice that day, and low and behold the next day the stye was almost gone.

I told my boyfriend my story about the family history of using diamonds on styes,  he laughed and said “yeah right, you just want more diamonds“!    Yes,  I said  ” It’s a wise idea to always wear one in case of an emergency situation like a stye in your eye”.     Wink… wink!

I went back to my eye doctor today to pick up my new sunglasses and while I was there I told him my stye was gone.  I mentioned  the family cure for styes by using diamonds, he looked at me with a sly smile and said he had never heard of such a thing.  But you know what?  I bet he will try it for himself when ever the next stye opportunity comes around.

 Now i’m singing the Beatles song…( Lucy in the sky with diamonds) with my own little twist to it…..Janice in the stye with diamonds….  Catchy little diddy, isn’t it?


Such a dork!

I took a trip today to my local eye doctor for my yearly eye exam.  I’m happy to report that my distance vision is better, but my close up vision is getting worse *pout*   Maybe that explains the reason I made a fool of myself today.  

I have had the same pair of black sunglasses for years now, just changing the lens when they have become scratched and are to the point they drive me crazy.

So I decide to splurge on myself and buy a new pair of sunglasses.    I tried on all the latest sunglasses that Coach, Juicy, Kate Spade, Guess and Gucci, had to offer.  I was having a giddy girly time trying on sunglasses and had about 10 different pair of cute glasses lined up as potential new eye wear.  Then the painful process of elimination began,  not so painful for me, but for the poor technician trying to help me decide.  It’s hard to pick out new sunglasses on your own, it’s always best if someone who knows you is there to tell you what looks good on you, but darn!  that wasn’t going to happen today.  The technician was very sweet and oh so patient with me as I slowly filtered out most of the sunglasses.  I had it down to 3 pairs and even the tech girl had a hard time deciding which pair was her favorite, she said  they all looked amazing on me.  Since I couldn’t decide which glasses to buy I thought I would let the price be the ruling factor.  When I started checking out the prices I discovered that one pair didn’t have a price, so I brought that pair over to the tech girl who was now sitting down behind her computer, most likely exhausted from helping me.   She looked at the glasses and said, Hum!  where did you find these glasses?  I didn’t have the slightest idea which shelf I removed them from, since I just about tried on every pair of black sunglasses in the place!   Then I hear her say     ” OMG!  Someone must have left their sunglasses here by mistake, because we don’t sell these sunglasses”   Wow!    just my luck I find a pair of sunglasses I love and I can’t even purchase them because,  first of all the eye doctor doesn’t sell them and second they belong to someone else!  Darn,  now I have to go back and figure out what pair I should buy from the remaining two pair.

I take a deep breath and begin the process all over again, when all of a sudden I hear  the tech girl say,   Hey!  aren’t these your sunglasses?  I then looked inside my purse and to my shock and dis-belief, (and do I even have to say embarrassment)    Yep  they’re my sunglasses!   What a dork!  Only I could have done something so stupid!!   I thought if I dyed my hair a darker shade of blond I would quit having blond moments like this, but I guess I was wrong  ♥♥♥