Day tripp-n in Ojai

Sunday My boyfriend and I took a little day trip to Ojai. 

 We had talked about spending the weekend at the Ojai Valley Resort and Spa, but because I live an hour away from Ojai we decided do a little day trip instead.


First stop was the New Oak Ranch in upper Ojai Valley to Pick Lavender.

  Who knew there were acres of lavender growing a few miles outside of downtown Ojai! 

 The lavender season is short.

 mid-June to the end of July-  (weekends only).

It costs $5.00 per bunch of lavender (that you cut yourself).  They supply the cutting shears and twist ties.


This is about as much as you can fit into the twist tie.  Its a great deal!  Take a deep breath of that…ahhhh!





 They have more than 5,000 lavender plants.

 The ranch also has 1,400 Tuscan olive trees, which produces a olive oil that they are very proud of!

 The ranch has 35 walnut trees that are harvested in the fall.

 Aww…baby walnuts…aren’t they cute?

You’re welcome to bring a picnic lunch and savor your lunch on a walnut shaded table.


You can also purchase quite a few items made with their lavender.

 Everything from body care product to  honey, and even a tomato jam!

 (sounds weird, but it was quite yummy!)

 Yours truly, Big floppy hat and all…

Next stop, downtown Ojai to visit the Farmers Market.

We bought lots of amazing items, like flavored goat cheese, lemon cookies, strawberry pie, fresh basil, pixie tangerines, olive oil.  All the great looking fruits and veggies made me so hungry, I forgot to take pictures!

 We decided to get something to eat at a quaint little health food store called the Rainbow Bridge Market.

 Me, pigging out on a de-lish  avocado- veggie sandwich.

  I eat one whenever i’m in Ojai.


I bought a organic olive oil while I was at the Farmers Market.  They have a tour that will be in part 2 of day tripp’n in Ojai.


Move over Rover

and let Jimmy take over

Look close, you will see a Bee

 Humming the song

 Purple haze.





I consider myself lucky, I wasn’t fed to the Gators

I’ve just returned from spending a few days in Florida.  I stayed at the  The Gaylord Palms ….I know…I know!     I laughed at the name too!

While checking in I was told to make sure to keep the key card away from my cell phone, because it might de-activate the card.


So I carefully placed my key card into a pocket inside my purse.


The next day I decided to spend some time by the pool.

When I went back to my room, I discovered my key card didn’t work…Humm…

So I went back to the lobby and told them what had happened,

they were very polite and made me a new card.  They told me if it ever happened again to pick up one of the house phones and someone would help me,

I didn’t need to go all the way to the lobby.


Back to my room I go to try once again.

Guess what?   My new key still didn’t work!!

So now I had to find a house phone and call in my problem.

Once again they were very polite and told me to wait in front of my room and someone would come to help me.

I waited about 10 to 15 minutes for someone to come, and then I heard the sound of something big walking down the hallway.

This guy was huge…he was like a walking wall…6..foot high…5 feet wide..

and of course a shaved head.

(what kind of security dude would he be without a shaved head?)

( PS..he was much bigger than the above picture)


First thing he asks for is my key and some I.D.

He tries the key, and of course it doesn’t work.

(I may be blond…but I know how to use a key card!)

Next he calls the front desk to see if I’m registered.

Yes…I’am…but this guy wants more proof.

He asks me to tell him about 3 items that are in the room.  WHAT???

So I mention…

#1…I have 2 pieces of grey luggage.

#2…I have a large beige purse.

#3…The bedspread has pictures of monkeys playing instruments.

Is it just me,

or does the idea of monkeys dressed in clothes freak anyone else out?

It just seems so wrong to me on so many levels!

(what is that monkey to the left doing, and why is his hand on the other monkey?)

What happens at the Gaylord Palms, stays at the Gaylord Palms?



The whole time that I’m being questioned by the security dude, he is blocking the door so I can’t look in.

After I name my 3 items he goes into the room to check out my answers.

He comes back and asks me if I have a tooth brush  ???

Yes, as a matter of fact I have 2 pink toothbrushes.

He goes back into the room to make sure I wasn’t telling him a lie.

He comes back and lets me in my room.

All he said was…

“Someone will bring you 2 new keys and will slide them under the door.”


I must look like someone that can’t be trusted.


Boo!  I’m so scary!

I guess I should consider myself lucky, I wasn’t fed to the alligators.

See ya later…Wally Gator!




Window Shopping,,, Parisian Style

Ahh!,,,Paris,,, The most magical city in the world

   The window shopping here is off the charts.

 The Parisian have a style that is all their own.

You see it as you stroll the streets and gaze into the awe inspiring shops.

I’m going to be quiet now

 and let you gaze into the windows of a few gorgeous shops.

Look very carefully into the pictures.

The reflections tell a story 







Tell me….What did you see?



Robert Redford…..where are you?

I’ve spend the past week vacationing in Deer Valley, Utah.

I decided to take a trip to Sundance to see if  I could find Robert Redford.


I heard that Bob was sighted at Steward falls, so i've hit the hiking path

I can see steward falls in the distance

I have to cross roaring rapids to get to Steward falls...but so worth it

Made it to Steward falls, but I just missed Bob

Back down the mountain I go

no time to frolick in this beautiful meadow

It's a sign from above, Bob is just a few feet in front of me's eeyores favorite flower...a thistle

cute little blue bells


More amazing wildflowers

Bob is getting away...I must get back on the path

ohh...this is so beautiful..

Bob? Bob who? This is so amazing..i don't want to rush


Bob....slow down...wait for me!!

Darn...Bob got away

I spent an amazing day at Sundance trying to find the elusive Bob Redford.  I can highly recommend spending a few hours or a few days at Sundance.

My cousin posted this picture on facebook when he heard about my adventure at Sundance.

I thought I would die laughing when I saw it.




Love you Bob!

If you would like to know more about Sundance 

Civitella in Val di Chianna,,,A Beautiful Tusan Town with a tragic history

Civitella valdi di Chianna Is one of the best-preserved fortresses of the 6th and the 7th century in central Italy.

Cats of Civitella Val di Chianna

Quaint Street

we had a delightful lunch here

Friendly doggie

Stairway up to town

My favorite door



Town Square

We spent a lovely few hours in this beautiful little hill top city.  While in Europe you forget there was a world war there till you hear the history of the town, this was one of those cities with a tragic past.   On -06-29 1944,  203 men, women and children  of Civitella were massacred by Hermann Göring Division, in retaliation for the killing of two German soldiers by the hands of partisans that lived in the town.  As the story goes, the German soldiers were killed while playing cards.  When the town people heard what had happened everyone fled the town knowing that there would be repercussions.  A few people stayed to help bury the German soldiers.   They were told by the German Commander in charge that these things happen in war and all was forgiven, tell everyone to come back.  So the towns people did.  They were all brought into the town square and killed.

In 1963 the city received the Gold Medal for Civilian Valour.

On 10 October 2006, SS Max Josef Milde was convicted for his role in the Civitella massacre.  In October 2008 it was ruled that Germany was to pay one million dollars to victims of the massacre.


Peace on Earth, Please!


Cortona,,,,,The Home Of Under The Tuscan Sun

Plazza Della Repubblica

Castello Di Gargonza, Tuscany


Gargonza is located at the south of central Tuscany, between Siena and Arezzo.  Overlooking the Val di Chiana.  Gargonza was built in the Xlllth century.  It’s a vast estate of over 2700 acres  that was run by sharecroppers who cultivated olive trees.The reason we came to Castello Di Gargonza,   A wedding!! 

 I can highly recommend Tuscany as a wonderful place for a destination wedding.

If you want to know more about Castello di Gargonza you can check out their website.


XOXO    Janice

Tuscany…A Region With a View

Paris,,,to know her is to love her!