Summertime, and the living is easy

  Now that memorial weekend is over, summer is just around the corner.  What is it about this time of year.  I can feel the excitement in the air, the sky is an amazing shade of blue, the clouds seem to be the puffier, and the feel of the warm sun on your back while taking a nap on the beach is wonderful.  And who can forget the sound of the ice cream truck in the afternoon and the fun it brought!  The little kid in me still gets excited when I hear the ice cream truck music in the neighborhood.

  When I was a child this time of year was what I thought the best time of the year, Christmas time came in second place compared to Summer!  Some of my most vivid memories are the ones from my care free summers of my youth. 

Maybe it was because I hated being in school, and summertime was a break from the drudgery of school, or maybe not.  I just remember how great it felt when the first Monday after the school year ended and I didn’t have to get up early and go to school.  ahh, I could stay up late, and sleep in late.  I finally got to stay up past 7:30 at night and watch all the shows I missed because my mom made me go to bed at 7:30 every night.  My mom lived by the rule that the school nurse had told her that  “children should go to bed by 7:30  so they would get the proper amount of sleep in order to be healthy”. 

  The school nurse must have been brought up on a farm and had to get up by the butt crack of dawn.  I hated that old bitty nurse for filling my moms brain full of that nonsense.   So you can just image how exciting of a time it was when summer break came into my life once again. 

The magic time for me were those few days between  just getting out of school, and the days just before the 4th of July.  I loved sleeping in late, then putting on a sun dress or shorts and NO shoes and walking down the street to find a friend to play with.  Usually the first thing we focused on was getting some money together to buy fireworks and we only had a few days to do it in.  We would try to find as many bottles as we could to take to the local grocery store to cash them in.  In the 60’s we weren’t being green and saving the earth  by recycling, we were being little greedy kids in need of a firework or candy fix.  We would cash in our bottles and then walk slowly past the firework stand that had some how sprang up over night.  When no one was watching we would try to peek inside the stand to see if anything was inside yet.  Remember that commerical  years ago with the women standing in front of the store with her hands on the windows looking into the not yet opened store, saying, OPEN.. OPEN.. OPEN..,that is just how we felt.  The anticipation was killing us.

The Moral of the story

When I was a child I was often left in the car while my mother went inside a store to do some shopping.  I know now a days this practice is frowned upon (thank goodness) but back in the day (the 60’s) most parents did this.  Sometimes my brother and sister would be in the car too.  We all hated being left in the car,  we never knew before we entered the car, that soon we would be stuck in the car with nothing to do.  So we never had the chance to plan ahead and bring a book, or something to keep us busy.  Today’s kids are lucky to have gameboys and iPods, we couldn’t even listen to the radio because it would drain the battery, all we had, was each other.   We had nothing to do but complain about how hot, thirsty and bored we were.  We sat there having nothing to do, but look pathetic.  I felt like one of those sad forgotten dogs who was left in the car all alone, panting from the heat and in need of a drink of water.  

I had pretty much forgotten those days of my youth, till the other day when I was parking my car,  I noticed the car next to me, had  an older women in the front passenger seat and and older man in the back seat.  They both had that look on their face that I recognized in a instant, that bored and thirsty look.  I couldn’t help but wonder if they were the parents of a child that was left in a car so many years ago, and now with retribution this was their fate.  Soon I found out.

A women close to my age got into the car, and then I heard that familiar whine from years ago.  What took you so long?  I’m hungry, I’m thirsty, I want to go home!

So the moral of the story is?  Things have a way of turning around in your life.  Be careful of how you treat your children, because someday they will be the ones taking care of you.