Anti-germ blend for kids

anti-germ for kidsI made an “anti-germ” blend that is safe for children 6 months old and up. I use it in a spray (kept in purse) to use as hand sanitizer. It’s safe for me to use on Vivian and I use it on myself as well, just in case I get some on the baby.

I also diffuse it in the air a couple days per week in the house as a preventative to keep colds away.

It smells a little like lemon Lysol, except without the headache I get from Lysol. It got me thinking that the makers of Lysol probably had really good intentions, but then somewhere along the way of R&D they had to alter the formula to make it more shelf stable, make it more cost effective, and the result is something that probably won’t kill us, but not really the best option for our bodies.

This blend is just made with Cinnamon Leaf, Fir Needle, and Sweet Orange essential oil. In the spray form, it’s mixed in a good quality witch hazel, which has its own beneficial properties as well.

Very effective in slaying bacteria and more gentle on children’s skin than Thieves oil.

Crazy Wart Girl, No More!

This is embarrassing to share, but I’m going to in case anyone else has this problem. I get warts on my thumb and I’ve finally found a treatment that works! I’m not like crazy wart girl, but I’ve had 2 in my life and I’m vain, so I can’t handle them when I get one. 
The first one I got on my thumb took NINE years to go away. I tried everything…burning them off with dry ice (at the dermatologist) for weeks on end, OTC salicyclic acid, filing them down, duct tape, nail polish. Nothing worked. 
Then I got one on the other thumb and I really lost it. I couldn’t handle another wart. I like my thumbs too much for this to happen. I looked into essential oils, since I have a medicine cabinet full of them. I started using lemon essential oil daily (1 drop on the wart each night) and in 3 weeks that freaking wart is gone. 
I don’t know why I’m so amazed because there are many essential oils that have anti-viral properties (warts are caused by a virus). I’m sure there are other essential oils that could have done the same thing. But I’m so happy that I keep finding more natural treatments that keep me out of the doctors office. 
Sharing in case you or your loved one has a freaking wart they can’t handle anymore