The pink flash of terror

Do you have a fear of electricity?  I do, and it started at a very young age.  This is a tale of domestic goddess in training gone bad.

  I decided that after watching my mother ironing I thought it would be great fun to play suzie home maker and iron my own clothes.  So one day I did just that, I snuck into my room when no one was home and set up the ironing board in my bedroom, plugged in the iron, dragged out a wrinkled blouse and proceeded to iron it.  I was 8 or 9 years old at the time and I did a terrible job of ironing that blouse, because ironing  wasn’t has fun as I originally thought it was going to be.   I tired of playing suzie homemaker very quickly, so I decided to pull the plug on this boring adventure.

 What I didn’t notice in my haste to start ironing was the fact that the cord on the iron was slightly frayed by the plug.   As I pulled the plug from out of the wall outlet there was bright pink spark that flew out of the plug and hit my hand between my thumb and forefinger leaving a long black mark.  I was shocked and I swear my hand was smoking too … for years I was afraid to pull plugs out of the wall, and still to this day I hate to iron   😉   

   After this you would think I would have learn my lesson about frayed electrical plugs…but no….let me tell you about another encounter of the pink spark of terror…

I had bought this really amazing antique leaded lamp while I was at an auction a few years back.  It still had the orginal plug from the 40’s, I noticed that it was frayed and I had planned on having it repaired, but did I do that right away…noooo, I went ahead and plugged it into the wall and started using it right away. 

 Then one day I pulled the plug out of the wall to do some cleaning and guess what happened?  You guess it, the bright pink flash of terror came for another visit, my hand once again had a black mark between my thumb and forefinger.

 But this time I wasn’t alone in the house there was a witness to this folly.

  I had made a yelping sound as I was being zapped.    I heard my daughter yell upstairs to me “what was that”?   Nothing much, I replied, that was just the sound of me being  electrocuted.  WHAT??    So that’s what that funny  sound was.   It sounded like  a mouse shrieking!      yep that’s what it was…a big mouse…..(one of my nicknames is big mouse)   LOL   don’t ask   it’s a family nickname…