I hate my shoes!

I have a love/hate relationship with my shoes.  I have a closet full of really cute, sexy strappy high heeled shoes that kill my feet.  Why oh why, do my really cute shoes sometimes remind me of some of the men I have dated?  They lure you in with their amazing looks and promises of good times together, but in the end they turn out to be just a pain.

  Seems like all of my shoes are for show and not for go.  Do hot shoes really have to equal pain?  If I try to wear anything other than something old and shabby looking for more than a few minutes of shopping, my feet get rather grumpy and make my life miserable.    I had a flash of what I thought was a brilliant idea the other day while trying to break in another adorable pair of shoes.  Just like there are special parking places for expectant mothers that are closer to the entrance of stores, I think there should be special parking places for women with sexy yet uncomfortable shoes.   I think the time for this has come, and in my world this would be a done deal.   I know what you’re thinking,  but the idea made me laugh and forget about my painful toes for a moment or two.  😉