Totally Ridiculous!

Ready for a Rant?,,,well,,,, Ready or not here it comes….

My daughter goes to the mail box the other day to pick up our mail…and it is so full of mail that she couldn’t even open up the mailbox. 

I have a small mailbox, the kind that we have been forced to use  because the post office is so lazy they only want to stop once on every street to deliver the mail.


  What happened to the good ole days when a mailman would bring your mail to your door?

I have talked to the post office numerous times, asking them for help with stopping the delivery of junk mail…they always say the same thing…..


There is nothing we can do about it….if we don’t deliver the mail we will get fired

So in order to save my sanity and save the earth at the same time, I started calling any phone number I could find on all the junk mail, or as the people who are doing the mailing out of the junk like to call it  (advertising)

I was greeted with different responses, some were very pleasant about it.

 (no problem or i’m sorry you no longer wish to receive our mailers)

Some were down right rude.

 (there is nothing I can do about, go to our website, or leave a message at the beep).

Some phone messages down right begged you to reconsider your request to no longer receive  their mailings.

  (a 2 minute  message about how their mailings are recyclable and how they are a earth friendly company.  now are you sure you want to cancel?)

  What a bunch of bull.

They don’t want to lose customers because they base their fees to advertisers on how many subscribers they have.

  Who cares that their junk mail can be recycled! 

How about we save more trees by not printing junk mail that everyone throws away!

I called on every piece of junk mail I had, and let me tell you that took quite a few hours to do!

Hopefully I can keep my sanity while it takes the 8 to 10 weeks for it to take effect!

 I can’t help but wonder what the true problem is. 

  1.  The fact that my mailbox is too small
  2. There is too much junk mail in the world
  3. The post office is lazy
  4. All of the above 


I’m thinking about starting a campaign to do something about the junk mail problem. 

I’ll keep you posted.

Thank you for listening to my Rant..