Grand Ma Ma is psychic

 It’s official!

My beautiful daughter is having a daughter, or as she announced to the world.

 “We are having a Pretty Pretty Princess”

I have been telling her for months now that she was going to have a girl.

   But she didn’t believe me.  

 Remember my ……..  Do it ducky style story?


 I kept buying pink flowers to prove my point.


I told my daughter that her baby wanted to be called Olivia. 

   My daughter has informed me that her baby will be named   Vivian.

Vivian at 20 weeks

Adorable already!


A week before my daughter found out for sure she was having a girl, I was shopping and  saw this cute pink  outfit…… Vivian said to me….Grand Ma Ma buy this for me….so I did….she already knows how to get her way! 


 And Grand Ma Ma, couldn’t be happier!!