My Empty Nest

Sunday August 14th was the official first day of my

 empty nest.

I just had a thought….

I have never lived alone!

  How will I take it?

  Will I be afraid?

  Will I love it?

  Will I hate it?

  My daughter and her husband moved out on Saturday while I was spending Friday and Saturday with my boyfriend.    The boyfriend lives an hour and a half away from me,   It’s an hour and a half  if  traffic is moving …. if not it can take as long as 3 1/2 hours…. but hey… that’s life in Southern California!

So this is what I find when I returned home.

Nothing but a bunch of trash bags full of stuff to donate.

A few tears well up in my eyes and hit the floor as I start to ponder the quiet that has now fallen upon my once noise filled house.

I dried my tears…took a deep breath…and turned the page…begining a new chapter in my life.

I can’t help but wonder if the quiet will drive me crazy and force me to….

Or, will I be so bored it will cause me to eat junk all day.

I hope not….

Or will I work out too much, till I look like this?

Ditto… on the…. I hope not!

I think for now I will stay pretty busy with re-decorating my nest!

I have painting to do today…let the make over begin!